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Micro Beef Age/Source EID Lookup
Operations receiving cattle with EID tags may now lookup these tag numbers to determine if the animals have been approved through the Micro Beef Age and Source PVP.
The results presented in this tool are identical to those represented on the Micro Beef PVP Approval Letter. If you have any additional questions or need a copy of the official approval letter, please contact the seller of the cattle.
To lookup tags, paste or type columns of individual EID tag numbers into the text box and press Submit.
Pasted tag numbers should be from Excel, .csv or .txt files. EID tag numbers should be limited to the last 15 digits of the tag number, beginning with either the three-digit manufacturer or country code. Click Here to see a sample screen.
All EID numbers for Micro Beef or CattleLog PVP-approved animals from January 2005 to present are available.