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CattleLog Pro -- How It Works
CattleLog Pro is software that operates on a user's computer. The software establishes a database on the user's computer which is used to store the user's settings and any data they collect with CattleLog Pro.
CattleLog Pro can collect information many different ways, providing an unmatched degree of flexibility. Users can import information, manually enter information, or they can use CattleLog Pro in the field while processing animals. CattleLog Pro also lets users create their own customized data entry worksheets for their personal or customer use.
The software comes with almost 3000 fields of data pre-loaded for your convenience. With a variety of pre-set functions and default settings you remain in full control of your information. CattleLog Pro also contains pre-configured interfaces with all major EID readers, weight indicators, and thermometers. You may also read bar codes if you wish.
When you are finished entering information for the day, CattleLog Pro will upload your information to our central database. Uploaded information is compressed and encrypted and never sent over insecure methods like email.