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CattleLog Overview -- History
Micro Beef began offering individual animal management products and services in 1999, starting with a group of ranchers that wanted to offer a branded beef product and needed a way to keep track of information throughout the supply chain. The custom applications we developed at that time evolved into CattleLog.
Since 1999, we have expanded CattleLog's features and capabilities to create the livestock industry's most complete and powerful animal management tools. Along the way, we have introduced new ideas and concepts, such as our Anonymous Data Sharing and Protocol Grid technologies. We have also been leaders in quality management and in 2003 were the first data services provider to receive approval as a USDA Process Verified Program for animal data collection and management.
Along the way, technology has changed and so have customers' needs. Source- and process-verification were just specialized concepts in 1999, now they are common practice for the industry. With increased attention on origin and export market requirements, practical animal information management solutions like CattleLog fill a crucial role in helping producers maximize their operational and financial potential.