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CattleLog Express
Download CattleLog Express Overview (pdf, 75 KB)
Download CattleLog Express Program (19.6 MB)
CattleLog Express is a software program that is used to collect basic age, source, and movement data on cattle. Available as a free download, the CattleLog Express program provides a series of simplified collection screens and functions to make data collection easier for limited data sets.
CattleLog Express Benefits:
  • Allows producers to focus on collection of a small number of key data fields such as age, source, and animal movements
  • Prominently displays movement, source, and age information data fields on the main screen
  • Collecting cattle data is very fast, the software will not slow processing
  • Allows customization of local reports for real-time use
  • Data upload process is secure and fast
  • Allows user to tap into full supply chain reporting offered by CattleLog Reports
  • Single CIN simplifies data collection
Product Requirements:

Users must have an active CattleLog account and CIN number.

All cattle entered into CattleLog Express must be identified with an ISO-compliant, tamperproof EID tag.

Personal computer requirements are as follows:
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Windows XP
  • 200 MHz Pentium processor or higher
  • Disk space requirements: at least 50 MB of free space
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (for viewing CattleLog web reports and documentation)
  • Internet Service Provider (for CattleLog web reports)
  • Internet Web Browser (for CattleLog web reports)
The following EID readers are known to work with CattleLog Express:
  • Allflex Wand Reader
  • Allflex Panel Reader
  • Allflex Portable RFID Reader
  • Allflex Stick Reader
  • Destron-Fearing 2001 Portable Reader
However, any reader capable of being configured to send an ISO 11784-compliant data stream to the serial port at 9600 Baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, and no flow control will most likely work.
CattleLog Express is a free download from www.cattlelog.com. To download a copy, you must have an active CattleLog account and CIN. To obtain a CattleLog account, go to http://www.cattlelog.com/pages/enroll.htm. Your account activation will be emailed to you.
If you already have a CattleLog account, login to CattleLog Reports and you will find a CattleLog Express button in the services menu.
How long will it take to download CattleLog Express?
The required CattleLog Express Installation file is 19.5 megabytes. Approximate download times for different internet connection speeds are shown below:
DSL/Cable Modem:
56 Kb Modem:
1 minute, 45 seconds
2 minutes, 39 seconds
48 minutes, 41 seconds
Product Support:
For searchable product support, product demonstrations, and troubleshooting information, please go to the Micro Beef Knowledge Base, located at http://www.cattlelog.com/pages/knowledge_base.htm.