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CDS Group Option
Download CDS Group Overview (pdf, 82 KB)
The CattleLog Data Services (CDS) Group Option is a data collection service which enables producers to collect group animal information quickly and easily. All data is recorded in databases which exceed all National Animal Identification System (NAIS) requirements.  
CDS Group Option Benefits:
  • Get started with animal identification without computers or special software;
  • Data can be recorded at the producer’s own pace, in the pasture or office;
  • CattleLog staff performs all data entry, enrollment, and database management for the user, double-checking data and saving time and expense;
  • Customized printouts with the user’s information are returned to the customer, providing a source of documentation for record-keeping or buyers;
  • Age and source data may be collected at the ranch, qualifying cattle for on-site audits and age and source verification premiums.
How It Works:
  • Customers order electronic identification (EID) tags and specify what information they would like to collect;
  • Pre-scanned, NAIS-compliant EID tags are shipped to the producer in sequential trays along with customized worksheets with the producer’s information and matching tag numbers;
  • As animals are processed, customers write down any group animal information they wish and return completed worksheets for data entry;
  • All information is entered into the CattleLog system and summary reports are returned to the customer.
Product Support:
For searchable product support, product demonstrations, and troubleshooting information, please go to the Micro Beef Knowledge Base.